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Online shoppers use all kinds of sources to find information on products or services like yours, from search engines to online media to social networks. We round up every relevant digital avenue for connecting your business to your buyers, wherever they browse.

Online advertising is hands-on advertising.

For the best returns, advertising in search engines or on popular websites means pinpointing the best opportunities and fine-tuning your message on a continuous basis. Our experts have the skills and resources to do it all for you efficiently and affordably.

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Search Engine Optimization
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Search Engine Optimization

Climb up –way up– search engine results.

42% of clicks happen on the first pages of Google, Yahoo! and Bing search results. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists use proven tactics to push you up the results ladder. So you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The goods:

Search Engine Optimization

  • Optimized content and coding for your website
  • Link-building strategies to boost your traffic
  • Enriched content on your Google Places page
  • Detailed reporting
  • Also includes: Free Virtual Profile on YellowPages.ca
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It’s so simple

  1. Tell us your story.  We craft winning keyword strategies using your specific business and market information.
  2. Spread the word.  We implement your keyword strategy through website optimization and link-building.
  3. Grow with the flow.  We monitor your online traffic trends and adjust your SEO strategy over time.

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Search Engine Marketing
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SEO Success Stories

Nowadays, most shoppers will go online when they are looking for products and services. As a business owner the important question is: will they find you? If you appear on page 4 in Google the answer is no and you are missing a great opportunity to gain new customers and push ahead of the competition.

Our Search Engine Optimization services—which include on-site optimization and link building strategies—will help you jump ahead of the competition. We’ve already helps hundreds of businesses just like yours. Take a look at the following case studies and see what we can do for you.

Floor Coverings in Toronto
By keeping an eye out for potential on-site errors and monitoring the competition, we were able to clean the site for this Toronto client by redirecting lost links and create competitive links to help their rankings. As a result, this client’s rankings have soared to first page results on Google after just a short time.

Keyword Search Engine Start Rank End Rank Change
Ceramic Tile Toronto Google 100+ 3 +97
Ceramic Tiles Toronto Google 100+ 2 +98
Glass Tile Toronto Google 100+ 5 +95
Vinyl Flooring Toronto Google 100+ 7 +93
Vinyl Tiles Toronto Google 100+ 1 +99

Podiatrist in Calgary
Thanks to a well-planned SEO campaign, we were able to pull one of our client’s website from the depths of Google’s results pages onto the 1st page for all selected keywords for Calgary. SEO efforts included on-site optimization, link building, blogs, articles, and social bookmarking.

Keyword Search Engine Start Rank End Rank Change
Foot Clinic Calgary Google 100+ 3 +97
Foot Doctor Calgary Google 100+ 1 +99
Orthotics Calgary Google 100+ 3 +97
Podiatrist Calgary Google 100+ 3 +97

Optometrist in Montreal
Since this client launched their SEO campaign in Montreal, we have dramatically increased their rankings and made them a competitive player in their business market. With the use of title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions, blogs, and articles, we were able to provide a positive difference for this client.

Keyword Search Engine Start Rank End Rank Change
Lunetterie Montreal Google 100+ 8 +92
Lunettes Montreal Google 100+ 5 +95
Opticiens Montreal Google 6 4 +2

Lawyer in Vancouver
Another client from Vancouver gained visibility on Google for local keywords in his industry. Quality SEO practices, such as meta descriptions, title tags, and H1 tags, not only increased this client’s rankings but allowed him to be more competitive with businesses in Vancouver.

Keyword Search Engine Start Rank End Rank Change
Divorce Lawyer Vancouver Google 100+ 3 +97
Family Law Vancouver Google 100+ 13 +87

Windows and Doors in Toronto
While budget plays a big part in a successful SEO campaign, being able to allocate time and efforts into the right keywords, as well as link building activities can make a big difference in being competitive within your industry. This client from Toronto has been able to do just that in less than a year because of an efficient link building strategy.

Keyword Search Engine Start Rank End Rank Change
Toronto Door Dealers Google 100+ 1 +99
Toronto Window Dealers Google 100+ 2 +98

Bankruptcy Firm in Edmonton
Another client began using our SEO services to optimize his ranking in Edmonton. By implementing our on-site recommendations, including quality title tags, H1 tags, meta descriptions and more, we were able to get this client ranked several positions higher than before the start of the campaign.

Keyword Search Engine Start Rank End Rank Change
Bankruptcy Edmonton Google 9 5 +4